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“We spend a lot of time designing the bridge, but not enough time thinking about the people who are crossing it”


We are a leading provider of construction and property development solutions. At Ultimus Construction, we deliver highly innovative and sustainable products driven by our greatest assets – our carefully selected people and cutting-edge technology.

Guided by design thinking, we strive to deliver uniqueness, luxury and affordability on each project, with a non-negotiable commitment to the highest quality of excellence. We go beyond the mark to deliver state-of-the-art edifices.

With a deep-rooted culture of collaboration and team work, we provide an environment for every employee’s skill and talent to find expression in a blend of individual and team efforts. We also encourage our people to advance these skills and talents to fullest potential, while being assured of opportunities to balance work and life.

We are committed to our business ethics and codes of conduct, ensuring that we remain transparent as we deliver superior service to each client.


A prime driver of experiential living and sustainable infrastructure development in Africa

Purpose Statement

Inspire a new way of living through experiential and sustainable infrastructure development at the best value cost one step at a time. This is reinforced with our belief to always levitate above the status quo and innovate. Our culture will always be a trailblazer to attract and retain rebellious minds bold enough to dare the impossible.

Our Guiding Values

Work – Life – Balance:

Work must not feel like a chore, it should be a place of fulfilment and expression whilst working. We deliberately foster an atmosphere and culture that gives room to our people to balance out-of- office life whilst having a great time at work.

Continuous Learning:

In the ever-changing fast paced world which we live in, we face the constant need to continuously stay abreast with knew points of learning, evolving as we go on. We ensure that we advance our skill and talent as individuals and as a team at every given opportunity through continuous training in order to ensure that the potentials of our people are maximized.

Collaboration & Team Work:

Although we ensure to recruit persons who show personal leadership qualities, we nevertheless recognize that collaborative efforts often produce outstanding results. Therefore, we encourage our people to put the team and firm interest above theirs, and reward teamwork.

Design Thinking:

What’s the essence of creating anything at all if it doesn’t have a human side to it? We start everything we do by immersing ourselves in understanding the user experience and that cannot be achieved without properly profiling. At Ultimus, we will always create insanely great designs and development that is human centered and experiential.


Whatever we sustainable thing we build ends up sustaining us. The future of construction is sustainability. Realizing this, we are dedicated to ensuring that our guiding policies reflect a commitment to the industry standards of eco- friendliness and sustainability. Thus, with each project, we strive to build for a better environment.


Trust is built overtime but can be destroyed in a second and transparency for us is the hallmark to building and sustaining trust. We conduct our business with a sense of commitment to the delivery of every promise made, and remain as clear as the waters in our dealings.

We are passionate about a culture that fosters innovation and growth with a sound life in balance. Our people remain our greatest asset.